I have been quilting since 1999 and have decided to keep an online journal of my quilts. In this way, I can document their history and preserve their memory for my family and future generations. Most of my quilts are made as gifts; and with few exceptions, I have taken pictures of my quilts with their recipient. I have also made many charity quilts for Project Linus, Wrapped in Hope and Quilts for Kids.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Quilt #42 ~ Bouillabaisse Quilt 2003


Here’s another quilt that my BQFF Brenda and I saw at the LQS.  We fell in love with the store sample and immediately signed up for the class.  This quilt was made from a kit I purchased for the class, and the pattern is Bouillabaisse by Pie In The Sky Quilts.

I made the top in 2003, but didn’t finish the quilt until 2004.  I really enjoyed making this easy pattern and thought the colors of beige and black made this a masculine quilt.  So I gave it to DS#1 for Christmas 2004:


I think his expression says most of it!  (Okay, it was very early Christmas Day and he hates to take pictures.) I know he appreciated the thought and love, but I just knew he didn’t really care for the quilt.  No problem!  Just because I like the quilt doesn’t mean he has to … it just means I have to make him another one … someday.

December 2004


So in August 2005, I went to Tennessee to visit my daughter and her family … and I took quilts for everyone.  I knew my daughter and her DH “fought” over this quilt I gave her, so I thought it’d be nice for him to have his own quilt … one that was large enough to cover him.  This is Anthony with now-HIS Bouillabaisse quilt … and if someday he decides he no longer loves it, I am more than happy to take it back!

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